About Exhibition

The first international logistics and transportation exhibition will be held in Kish Island on 27-29 February 2024.

This event is organized by PMT/ Pars Maral Tejarat Company and with the presence of companies active in the field of transportation and logistics from all over the country and the worldwide. In this event, companies will display their products and services in various fields of transportation and logistics, including Sea, Air, Road & Rail warehousing, packaging, insurance & etc. Also, during the event, specialized conferences and meetings will be held with the presence of experts and specialists in the field of logistics.
This event is a valuable opportunity for the visitors and named of companies in the field of logistics to learn about the latest achievements for promoting their communication with other traders. Also to facilitate their import/ export by using the last info Regarding Logistics & Supply chain.
Considering the High Potential and Strategic Position of IRAN in the Region, We intend to Continue this Event as a Long lasting Glory for the Coming years.




Exhibition workshops


By : M.R. Afshar


By : Mojtaba Soleymani


By : Alireza Cheshm Jahan


Asre jadid

Considering the importance of Kish Island and the annual holding of a large number of specialized exhibitions and conferences in this area and the difficulties of sending executive and specialized teams from Tehran to provide services, we decided to create a complex with international standards, a professional and trained team, and a constant presence. And we firmly register for these events to be a reliable support for the organizers and respected guests of Kish Island.